The ZMOD4410-EVK creates an easy way to evaluate the ZMOD4410 TVOC and Indoor Air Quality sensor. While the ASIC inside the sensor module controls the actual MOx and MEMS sensing element, the MCU-based electronic module controls the I²C to USB communication interface. The system may be connected to a Windows PC via a bi-directional USB connection and the sensor may be started by using the provided evaluation software. In the Standard Operation method, the output is shown as a raw signal (resistance), a standardized indoor air quality (IAQ) rating and an estimated CO2 (eCO2). Sensor operating parameters such as sample time are customizable to allow flexibility.


  • HiCom I²C communication assembly
  • USB cable
  • Full-speed USB interface standard; optional I²C interface
  • Evaluation software
  • Flexible evaluation software for Continuous and Low Power Operation (IAQ/eCO2) as well as Odor/Ventilation Mode 
  • Additional pins to measure power consumption, supply voltage, and GPIO trigger for external devices

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ZMOD4410-EVK-HC Active


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ZMOD4410 Evaluation Kit User Manual Manual - Eval Board PDF 1.49 MB
应用指南 &白皮书
AN-1005 ZMOD4410 Application Note - Estimating CO2 Application Note PDF 615 KB
Overview of TVOC and Indoor Air Quality White Paper PDF 315 KB
KSI Survey Report on eCO2 Featuring ZMOD4410 Report PDF 420 KB
KSI Report - ZMOD4410 Gas Sensors Compliance with the UBA's IAQ Study Report PDF 2.19 MB


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ZMOD4410 Evaluation Kit Software Software ZIP 165.33 MB