The F0448EVB is a fully populated evaluation board which allows the customer to easily evaluate the F0448 Dual Matched Broadband RF DVGA. The attenuation setting may be set using the F0448's serial control input. Header pins on the evaluation board allow setting standby mode without off-board connections to the control inputs.

The F0448EVS is a complete hardware and software solution that allows customers to digitally control the F0448EVB with the USB output on a computer. The kit includes the F0448EVB board, as well as a USB Digital Control Board and interface cables. 


  • F0448EVB (Evaluation Board)
    • SMA connectors for RF input and RF output
    • Power supply connected through SMA connector 
    • Standby mode can be easily set via the on-board header pins
    • The attenuation is settable with serial port interface (SPI)
  • F0448EVS (Evaluation Solution)
    • Includes product evaluation board described above
    • Includes Digital Control Board and all necessary cables
    • Interfaces with the Digital Control Software 

Product Options

下单器件 ID Part Status 描述 Buy Sample
F0448EVB Active Broadband configuration: 3.4 to 3.8 GHz
F0448EVS Active Broadband configuration: 3.4 to 3.8 GHz


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F0448 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 3.34 MB
应用指南 &白皮书
AN-1013 F0448 GUI Automation Application Note PDF 10.27 MB
AN-896 RF Products EVS Digital Control Software Guide Application Note PDF 2.91 MB


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RF Digital Control Software Installer Software Tool ZIP 169.81 MB