The Tsi384 provides a high performance, small footprint bridge from x4 PCI Express interface to PCI-X at 133 MHz. Three types of addressing modes are supported; transparent, opaque and non-transparent, giving designers flexibility.


  • PCI Express (x14) to PCI-X forward bridge
  • Superior performance, low latency
  • Non-transparent bridging support
  • 17x17mm BGA package

Product Options

下单器件 ID Part Status Pkg. Code Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type Buy Sample
TSI384-133IL Active AM256 PBGA 256 I No Tray
TSI384-133ILV Active AMG256 PBGA 256 I Yes Tray


文档标题 他の言語 文档类型 文档格式 文件大小
Tsi384 Device Errata Errata PDF 41 KB
Tsi384 Feature Sheet Datasheet PDF 71 KB
Tsi384 User Manual Manual PDF 1.71 MB
应用指南 &白皮书
Interfacing the Tsi384 and Tsi148: Clocking and Reset Considerations Application Note PDF 107 KB
PCN# : A1412-02 Change of Mold Compound Material Product Change Notice PDF 23 KB
PCI Express® Gen2/Gen3 Signal Integrity, Switching and Bridging Products Overview Overview PDF 422 KB
Tsi384 OrCAD Symbol Miscellaneous ZIP 5 KB
Tsi384 Ballmap Pinlist - Ballmap Files PDF 26 KB
Performance Comparison of Tsi384 and PLX PEX8114 Misc PDF 89 KB
Performance Comparison of Tsi384 and Pericom PI7C9X130 Misc PDF 81 KB
Tsi384 Board Design Guidelines Misc PDF 499 KB
Converting Designs from PLX PEX8114BB To Tsi384 Misc PDF 35 KB
Tsi384 Pinlist Pinlist - Ballmap Files TXT 4 KB


文档标题 他の言語 文档类型 文档格式 文件大小
TsiView Register Access Tool Software Tool ZIP 1.32 MB
Tsi384 BSDL File Model - BSDL TXT 38 KB
Tsi384 IBIS Model Model - IBIS ZIP 52 KB

Evaluation Boards

Part Number Title 升序排列
Tsi384-RDK1 Evaluation Board SDK for the Tsi384