The ZLED7020KIT-D1 Demo Kit enables a quick and easy evaluation of IDT's ZLED7020 High Current 40V LED Driver w/ Internal Switch within its basic application circuit and demonstrates basic layout guidelines, which are critical with any switching regulator to minimize radiated EMI. The kit includes the ZLED7020-D1 Demo Board, which provides a standard 4-pin terminal connector to allow the user to easily connect and supply an LED board. The Demo Board power supply is provided via a standard MR16 connector. The board also has two LED power pads (LED+ and LED-) to provide more flexibility in supplying a power LED or LED string. A 33


  • ZLED7020-D1 Demo Board
  • 5 samples of ZLED7020

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下单器件 ID Part Status Buy Sample
ZLED7020KITD1V2P0 Obsolete


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